Published on March 4, 2014

S&E was filmed half in a lift set built at Twickenham Studios and half over cold December nights on London’s South Bank (no snow on that one though). Only a two-hander for the vast majority of the film (except a few off camera characters), though one half is a massive walk & talk along the Thames, with one of the actors dragging a wheelie suitcase, which gave us a few challenges of course for dialogue. Long-time boom op & friend Simon Batchelar was with me on that one, and even filled in for me as mixer on a few days when I had to be elsewhere. Fantastic team there again, including a few good buddies of mine (script sup Roxy Cuenca, AD Steph Zari, steadicam op Matt Allsop, AC Rob Webster, grip Carl Dunn), and 2 leads who were great to work & chat with. There was a bit of a French connection on that one, among the crew & cast, there may have been a fair bit of swearing in French to be heard for curious ears (mostly at the cold & rain!!).