Published on May 12, 2020

Keeping on my average of 1 blog post a year or so…
After a few Netflix docs scattered through the latter half of 2019, 2020 started interestingly with a pretty full on music doc shoot in Saudi Arabia, with a crew of old friends I’ve worked with a lot over the years. It was a lot of fun, and took us to truely surreal & stunning settings. Little did we know, the COVID pandemic started hitting real hard just as we came back – in fact we were allegedly on the last flight out of Medina Airport before it shut down…!
I’d started prep on my next feature film, Pretty Red Dress, financed by BBC Films & BFI, which sounds very exciting and has lots of live music elements to it, but of course the pandemic halted things before we started shooting. It’s hard to know at this point when things will start picking up again, maybe later in the year if all goes reasonably well, but in the meantime we’re just mostly staying home and trying to stay safe, like most.